The Firearms Festival You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

Want to attend a festival you’ve never been to before? Go to the annual Texas Firearms Festival!

What is it?

This festival is a two-day event where gun enthusiasts try and buy the latest, grandest guns and equipment from all over the globe. There are over 20 dedicated gun bays and dozens of ammo and accessory retailers that are ready to accommodate you in this festival! Plus, it’s getting bigger and bigger every year!

Where is it held?

The festival is held at the Best of the West Shooting Range in Liberty Hill, Texas.

Who can attend?

Anyone! Even minors can attend as long as an adult accompanies them. Kids (12 years and younger) can also shoot as long as he or she has a shooter ticket and is attending with an adult. Seriously, it’s a gathering every gun enthusiast out there who wants to have the best two days of their lives.

Why should I attend?

You’re going to get more info about the hottest guns and gear in this festival. You’ll be too hyped up you’ll probably buy a gun and a reloading press right away! Speaking of, Kenneth compares the newest reloading presses better than anyone, so if you intend to purchase a press during the festival, better consult his website first to gain the upper hand.

The festival enables you to get the best of the best firearms, ammunition, and accessories. You’ll even get to taste the delicious food truck cuisine that Austin prides itself on!

What about the ticket?

Purchasing a single shooter ticket will give you the following: access on both days, 20+ dedicated firearms demonstration try & buy bays, retail village displaying the best ammo and accessories, food from Austin’s truck cuisine, and free parking.

If you don’t want to shoot and you just want to attend, a non-shooter ticket will get you everything that’s stated above, except for the 20+ firearms demonstration try & buy bays.

Note that there are no VIP tickets—everyone’s treated equally in this festival, ensuring everyone will get an almost the same customer experience. If you want to attend, you better purchase a ticket right away because only a maximum of 2,750 attendees can be admitted each day. Tickets are to be picked up on the day of the event, but you should submit your information to before the event.

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