CS:GO Gambling Is Taking Over


Counter strike Global Offensive gambling is becoming a huge industry. Reports have revealed that the CS:GO gambling economy is now worth more than USD 2 Billion. It’s lucid that the industry’s power is almost unstoppable despite the scandals that surround it.


A lot of third-party sites work this way: players to put their skins in the pot, play games, then win or lose. Whoever wins can sell or trade all the skins he acquired from the game.


Other sites, however, compute your chances of winning depending on the value of the skin you’ve deposited to the pot. That means if you have contributed a rare item, you’ll have greater luck.

Skin betting in CS:GO has a slot machine counterpart as well. In sites that offer this game, the players should first buy credits that’s worth a few bucks, and then they can open a “crate” which contains skins with different rarities. This type of game makes players want to bet more and more especially since they know they could get a covert gun or knife from a crate.


There are also sites that enable players to place their bets (skins) on the result of professional CS games. In here, people can bet hundreds of dollars in a game.

Although skins don’t change the gameplay of CS:GO nor the power of a weapon, they’re popular because they provide unique finishes. Some skins are common, while some are extremely rare. Knowing there are rare skins makes these cosmetic finishes exciting to collect.


Aside from gambling using your skins, you could also place your bets on the outcome of a professional match using real money. Some sites allow you to do this. You could wager on a team that you think will be the overall winner, or you could place your bet on a team that you think will be victorious for a specific map.

Legality Issue


Those who sued CS:GO gambling sites say that the sites lack regulations, enabling even minors to participate in gambling. Actually, that’s true. Any person can obtain a Steam Web API key, which allows users to connect their Steam accounts to other websites. No computer-literate will have trouble logging in. And that in itself is an issue since some sites don’t require users to be older than 18. The danger lies behind the fact that most sites do not strictly enforce the age requirement, allowing even 14-year-olds to gamble without knowing the risks of the activity.

Taking Action

What should you do then? If you’re older than 18, then it’s okay to gamble so long as you’re not wasting all your cash for the games of luck. Gambling for fun is all right, but gambling to satisfy your addiction is another thing. Whatever you do, be careful and wise.

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