5 Top Reasons Why Festivals are Worth the Trip

Kamakura Matsuri

Festivals are celebrations that bring people together. They offer a glimpse into the cultural heritage, traditions, and faiths of people and communities around the world. While music festivals are easily among the most popular gatherings today, there are many famous and underrated cultural events across the globe begging to be experienced and enjoyed. So the next time you are traveling or planning a trip, you might want to consider adding at least one festival on your list of things to do.

Be part of a special event

A festival is a great way to be part of something special such as a cultural or religious event that the community celebrates. It could be a celebration of welcoming a new year (Chinese New Year), victory of good over evil or light over darkness (Diwali), or remembering the dead (Dia de los Muertos) among others. The reasons may vary, but you can expect an out-of-the-ordinary experience that makes for some lasting memories.

Experience a place in a unique way

Even the most familiar places transform into something different during festivals. The streets could become livelier and more crowded. And you may find a wide array of new attractions like beautiful lanterns and decorative arts not to mention the parade of gigantic and spectacular floats that are part of some festivals’ main highlights.

Celebrate with the locals

Festivals let you celebrate and spend more time with the locals. This is an opportunity that not many people get to have when traveling, especially when sticking to crowded tourist attractions that some locals tend to avoid.

Get adventurous with food

Festival food can be a feast to the senses. Good or bad, you can expect a wide selection of food and drinks some of which you may not have tried before. You can explore the diverse offerings from the various food stalls and vendors you will likely find at the festival grounds or nearby areas.

Takes you out of your comfort zone

Festivals take you out of your comfort zone. It can be fun but messy, lively but crowded, and exciting but crazy at times. All the unfamiliar and new things you encounter may not always be comfortable. But they can make the experience even more special and memorable. They can be a great time to meet people from around the world, gain new friends, eat and drink as much as you want, and fully immerse yourself in all the revelry.

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Legality Issue


Those who sued CS:GO gambling sites say that the sites lack regulations, enabling even minors to participate in gambling. Actually, that’s true. Any person can obtain a Steam Web API key, which allows users to connect their Steam accounts to other websites. No computer-literate will have trouble logging in. And that in itself is an issue since some sites don’t require users to be older than 18. The danger lies behind the fact that most sites do not strictly enforce the age requirement, allowing even 14-year-olds to gamble without knowing the risks of the activity.

Taking Action

What should you do then? If you’re older than 18, then it’s okay to gamble so long as you’re not wasting all your cash for the games of luck. Gambling for fun is all right, but gambling to satisfy your addiction is another thing. Whatever you do, be careful and wise.

3 of the Must-See Cultural Festivals in Morocco

Festival Fantasia Morocco

Morocco is one of the places that you can easily fall in love with. It is steeped in history, culture, and traditions. Not to mention the beautiful natural scenery and mouthwatering Moroccan cuisines. The country’s cultural festivals and events are likewise something to look forward to. From Moroccan wedding traditions and customs to music and traditional folklore, here are some of the festivals to experience in Morocco.

Almond Blossom Festival
Where: Tafraoute
When: Every year in February
Why go: The Almond Blossom Festival is celebrated yearly in the picturesque Berber town of Tafraoute. It is a great time to see the blossoming trees and be part of the festivities that showcase Berber folklore, local cuisine, and traditional dance among others.

Festival Fantasia
Where: Meknes
When: Every year in September
Why go: Also known as the Game of Gunpowder, the Festival Fantasia celebrates the relationship between man and horse. While celebrated across the country, it is most popular in the city of Meknes. The celebration showcases the prowess and grace of man and horse as well as the local folklore of the city.

Imilchil Wedding Festival
Where: Imilchil
When: Every year in September
Why go: The charming village of Imilchil is famous for its wedding festival that celebrates deep-rooted traditions. It is a place where tribal clans continue to uphold the beliefs and customs that has stood through the ages. And in this event also known as September Romance, it is the women who customarily look for and choose their husband.

Celebrating Festivals Around The World

music festival

Celebrating festivals around the world is not just about having fun. It’s about seeing the wonders of a rich history, as well as experiencing the wonders of a vibrant culture. It’s about meeting new people and making new friends. It’s about falling in-love and finding yourself. It’s about being more responsible and being more grateful. Most of all, it’s about those around you – the people, the environment.

Thus, it’s only right for you to learn more – that is, about celebrating festivals around the world.

Here are some tips for you:

Let yourself wander.

There’s no use going back home if you haven’t fully seen the wonders of a rich history and fully experiencing the wonders of a vibrant culture. How? Well, let yourself wander. Visit imperial palaces. Dive breathtaking waterfalls. Explore underground caves. There’s no shortage of what you can do, aside from celebrating festivals – be it a music festival or a tribal festival.

Open your heart.

One great thing about celebrating festivals around the world is meeting new people and making new friends – people who will not just open your eyes to see more wonderful things, but also open your heart to experience more wonderful things. These people will also help you in ways no one else could, in ways you haven’t been able to do for yourself and in ways that will help you change for the better.

Love yourself more.

Fall in-love, and be more responsible. Find yourself, and be more grateful. Love yourself more, love those around you more. Even more so, take care of yourself. Simply put, don’t let anyone break your ankle. Don’t let anyone break your heart. Don’t let anyone break your trust.

Take necessary action.

When it comes to people, take necessary action by letting them know you’re happy being a part of the festival. When it comes to the environment, take necessary action by keeping the surroundings free of cans, bottles, and plastic.